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7. ianuarie 2014 09:22
by skorpionking
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(Dis)Continuous delivery and customer (in)satisfaction

7. ianuarie 2014 09:22 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

Having a strong software engineering background I am a big fan of agile and continuous delivery - they truly represent a better way to build products, especially software products. After all what can be wrong with delivering product updates at a rapid pace rather than waiting long periods of time between new releases? How about the customers' perceived satisfaction! My suspicions were confirmed when I read a great mini case-study discussing the potential ripple effects of continuous delivery - the discussion focuses on Tesla and Adobe. This was also sometimes the truth in some parts of the projects in which I was involved. Learn, adapt and do it better!

Take a look at the original post here: Tesla and Adobe: Why Continuous Deployment May Mean Continuous Customer Disappointment