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29. august 2008 12:57
by skorpionking
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Drumul lui Windows Mobile 7 pentru a ajunge pe piata

29. august 2008 12:57 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

Am citit un articol interesant pe  Windows Mobile Ecosystem for Developers [link in engleza]. Stiti cum ajunge un sistem mobile gen Windows Mobile la end useri?

When you see an announcement like “Windows Mobile 6 was released today” and wonder why it takes 3-6 months before you see a device in the market, it’s because a lot of work has to happen to go from platform release to the commercialization of a device. The device might say “Windows Mobile” but Microsoft just a part of the team that makes it happen. At a very simplistic level, the release cycle looks something like this today:

1) Microsoft releases Windows Mobile Platform X.X and Adaptation Kit to all licensed device makers
2) Device makers “adapt” our platform to their new hardware (adding radio & drivers, power management, system plumbing, software customizations, select optional components, etc.) to create a Windows Mobile device they can sell through Operators
3) Operators negotiate with device makers to choose which devices they think will bring business to their networks
4) Device makers & Operators work together to “brand” chosen devices, include operator specific software/radio, decide on default security model, etc.
5) Devices must pass Microsoft logo testing to meet base level device quality and experience and carry the “Windows Mobile” brand
6) Devices must pass Operator acceptance testing and pre-market prep (sales, support, training)

Once a device is in market, the we continue to release updates on a regular basis...
1) Microsoft releases Adaptation Kit Updates (think Service Packs for Windows Mobile) as well as new platform releases to Device makers
2) Device makers and Operators make a business decision on whether to build, test, and provide updates to devices in the market

Tinand cont de niste "zvonuri" auzite, s-ar parea ca Windows Mobile 7 va fi gata cam pe la mijlocul lui 2009, deci ne vom bucura de el cam de Craciun 2009 sau poate chiar in 2010.