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13. ianuarie 2014 10:03
by skorpionking
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I want to learn programming - which programming language should I choose?

13. ianuarie 2014 10:03 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

I recently ran into a very nice post addressing this question: "if you want to start learning programming which programming language should you choose?" I thought this was an interesting topic and I wanted to share my opinion here.

From my almost 2 years spent as a research assistant at the Technical University of Munich, I know that this question is still debated by academia and it is still without a black and white answer. After all, the choice of language might differ based on the actual purpose for learning programming (i.e. hobby, school project, become a professional programmer) and the type of projects that one is willing to tackle with programming (e.g. simple web sites, user interfaces and client side, business logic and server side, mobile platforms, scientific applications).

After all, a good way for anyone to become a well seasoned programmer is to go through learning C and C# Even though C is perceived as a more difficult programming language to learn and master it will help you develop important skills such as: debugging skills, working with memory (e.g. memory allocation, clean-up, pointers), data types, data structures, and in general a more disciplined approach to programming. C# will teach you strong object oriented concepts which are used in most modern OO programming languages (e.g. data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, applying design patterns) as well as other important modern programming paradigms (e.g. multi-threading, exception-handling, generics) and also Cloud and Web programming, all well tight with the best IDE which is Microsoft's Visual Studio 2012/2013  (you can learn also the concepts of Agile programming, Version Control, Team Collaboration, etc.)

If you want to be a good smart software engineer go to a Computer Science University :-)