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28. august 2008 14:38
by skorpionking
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.NET: Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is out

28. august 2008 14:38 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft launched IE8 Beta 2. IE8 is faster, easier and safer.  To get a feel for the new IE8 experience, check out the videos here, download the product, and try it out. Here are my 5 personal favorites:

  1. Accelerators - Highlight an address, click the blue button and hover over “Map” or try Right Clicking a Page and Choosing Translate with Windows Live. Check out the new IE Gallery that has cool accelerators and slices from Digg to FaceBook to Ebay
  2. Web Slices - Visit Live Search, search for “Seattle Weather” (or major city relevant to your region), hover over the rich search result and click the green button.  Click it to add a Weather Web Slice to your Favorites Bar.
  3. Search Suggestions - Go to your Instant Search Box (top right) and type a search to see search suggestions in action.
  4. Navigation - Use the new Smart Address Bar to quickly find sites you’ve visited before.  The Smart Address Bar searches your history, favorites AND feeds for pages that match what you’re typing.
  5. Security - IE8 has the best security features in the market today from its updated Smartscreen phishing and malware filter to domain highlighting to the industry leading cross-site scripting filter so I feel my machines, my identity and my family will be safer on the Internet.

What about Firefox? below are just a few things that IE8 has that Firefox doesn’t:

  • Out-of-the box integrated Accelerators put your favorite blog, mapping, mail, search and other services a click-away
  • Built-in Privacy mode keeping you in control of what information you share and with whom, both on your PC and on the web
  • Rich visual search results and instant answers from partners like Wikipedia, New York Times, and Amazon
  • Intuitive tab grouping and color coding to mirror the way you browse and help organize your browsing experience
  • Automatic tab-level crash recovery for uninterrupted browsing

Watch the new IE 8 Videos here!

IE 8: Dev Tools - An Introduction with John Hrvatin