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18. februarie 2014 13:46
by skorpionking
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New skills required for good programming: searching and assembling together?

18. februarie 2014 13:46 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

Today in the new agile world of software projects and products, it is important to deliver quality and in time, sprint by sprint, phase by phase. Coding has to be done faster and testing should begin immediately with the first lines of code. Nowadays it is almost for sure that many of the programming tasks you have may be split in some other sub-tasks, activities, which have been already done by others. For sure hundreds had the same problem you have now. Thousands have done more or less the same actions. So why should you re-invent the wheel, write everything from scratch?

Online communities like Stackoverflow, MSDN, GitHub, NuGet offer solutions to your problems and tasks. You can download pieces of code, libraries, etc. which have been used (and thus tested) by thousands before you. The art is to find what you actually need and to integrate, adapt these to your needs. So being a good smart programmer involves knowing what and how to search and how to integrate the pieces you’ve found in such a manner that they really add a great value to your work: your code is written faster, is robust, is tested, and has quality.

Online (cloud) tools like StackOverflow, NuGet, MSDN and GitHub allow programmers to see how other programmers have solved similar problems. Think about of a tool integrated in your development environment that automatically queried StackOverflow and GitHub as you are writing code so that you always have in front of you the answers to the questions you are most likely to ask. Programming these days is more about searching than anything else. That reflects how collaborative the sharing of knowledge has become in the world of software development as a result of these cloud based tools for developers.

So before starting programming, spend some time, think what you have to do, how you have to do it, inform yourself if you are allowed to use some external libraries or code, find solutions that have been already done by others and adapt them to your purposes. Be smart, get the job done faster!

There are already some tools on the market that will help you doing this work. If you use Visual Studio 2013 there is an add-on which help you: Bing Code Search. This blog entry describes how it function and what it does:
It can be downloaded from here: