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30. iunie 2014 17:12
by skorpionking
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Passwords ... and how strong they are or should be

30. iunie 2014 17:12 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

In the last years we get more and more news regarding accounts and passwords that have been compromised. Hacking is still in vogue. What about your accounts: Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Hotmail, Ebay, Amazon, Twitter, etc? You can check to see if your was compromised using these services: and The services are not 100% accurate - one of the services informed me that one of my password from Adobe's database was compromised even though I do not have an account with Adobe. Nevertheless, it is worth checking.

Following this incident I decided to change some of my passwords and while at it to strengthen them. The obvious next question was how do I create a strong password? I started to look around and I stumbled upon a very useful post about creating strong passwords. Although the post is discussing creating strong master passwords for a password manager it applies entirely to any regular password. You can read the post here: Toward Better Master Passwords

Furthermore, I believe that using a password manager s to safeguard and manage your many passwords under one umbrella is a great thing to do.