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14. iunie 2008 23:48
by skorpionking
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Yahoo: Massive Destruction Of Shareholder Value, Employee Morale and Internet Balance Of Power

14. iunie 2008 23:48 by skorpionking | 0 Comentarii

Ce au simtit angajatii Yahoo cand actiunile lor si-au pierdut valoarea?
Actiunile Yahoo in cadere libera la bursa ...
Acesta este titlul unui articol pe internet scris vinerea trecuta, pe 13 iunie, de un insider din firma Yahoo. Decizia de a coopera cu Google, devenind astfel de facto sclavul celor de la Google, si nu de a nu vinde la Microsoft, i-a infuriat pe angajati. Actiunile s-au prabusit la bursa, e evident ca Yahoo isi va pierde identitatea pe zi ce trece, putinii clienti vor renunta la serviciile Yahoo, mergand direct la Google, iar cei din urma vor domina piata search pe internet. Un articol impresionat, care confirma ca Microsoft si Yahoo nu pot lupta singure impotriva Google, ca acum drumul lui Google spre dominanta pietei de cautare pe internet este liber, fara nici un concurent serios. Si in cele din urma, poate cel mai trist, este ca Yahoo, acest pionier al internetului, va disparea curand. Internetul nu va fi acelasi fara Yahoo, asta e sigur.  Cateva citate din articol, care m-au impresionat, facandu-ma sa inteleg ce simt oamenii de la Yahoo in aceste zile. Si poate lumea nu va mai injura atat pe Microsoft, ci si pe Google. Amin! 

Angajatii Yahoo sunt nemultumiti de decizia
de a coopera cu Google si nu cu Microsoft

"When I accused Yahoo of playing the crazy card in their negotiations with Microsoft, I never thought these people were actually insane. Handing Google a monopoly in search marketing was just a ploy, I thought. A way to get Microsoft to bid a little higher than $31 per share. But it turns out I was wrong. Yahoo’s hatred of Microsoft runs so deep that they were actually, in the end, willing to destroy the future of their company just to keep it independent for a short while longer. They’ve ignored the wishes of their shareholders, employees and many now former key employees in killing that deal. And apart from Google, CEO Jerry Yang, President Sue Decker and possibly Tim O’Reilly, I don’t believe there is anyone in the world that is happy with what has happened.

As much as everyone still has lingering doubts about Microsoft after their hardball monopolistic practices of the nineties, it’s clear that they, along with Yahoo, were the only force counterbalancing the massive presence of Google in search marketing.

Without them, Google would continue to keep the lion’s share of search marketing dollars to themselves, and distribute next to nothing to third party publishers. But Microsoft and Yahoo were both willing to fight for some of those deals, at least pushing Google’s profits down a little. Now, with Yahoo taken out of the game, it’s unclear that Microsoft can fight Google on its own. How long will they pour profits from Windows and Office into trying to compete in search?

The delicate power balance among the big players was disrupted today in a big way, and the consequences will be felt over the coming months and years. We needed a competitive market in search to ensure the health of the Internet. Now, it’s nearly impossible to see how that can happen.

It took me about five minutes of watching Yahoo’s top two executives talk last month to realize that they had no fight left in them. The fact that they simply gave up wouldn’t matter so much if the only people hurt by their actions were their employees and stockholders. But that just isn’t the case, and now we all have to deal with the fallout."

Articolul in intregime poate fi citit aici [link in engleza]. Foarte interesante sunt si comentariile.